Another email list just arrived!

Here are the latest new email addresses:


Fresh spammers to be eaten by their friends!


Here we come with fresh spammers meat.

Please enjoy and don’y forget to share on your websites, blogs or chat windows:,
0745354545 paralela45







Refreshments! New email from spammers!

Please enjoy this very fresh email addresses from our good friends that never rest!

Don’t be shy, and share this with everyone you know! Enjoy and help the internet become a better place! Thank you!


Be a fighter!

  If you always wait for the others to make the first step, them you are in the wrong place at the wrong time! You need to get involved, to do something! Have some balls and start sharing these posts and we will improve internet experience for everybody!

You like the advantages of the internet but you are not willing to do anyhthing to help?

I dream of a day of free internet, with no spammers to make millions by scamming people! I dream of a day of high speeds and clean experiences! I dream of a clean email, only getting legit stuff when we want it, how we want it! We all want liberty! We all want internet freedom!

What is your dream?

Coming back

  It’s been a while since my last posting, but this doesn’t mean that the danger of spam has dropped down! It’s just the time wasn’t right.

I come back now and I hope to give you fresher spammers to eat and to share anywhere you like to support spamfighters in the long run!

Thank you very much for your effort, and remember: each spammer down, makes room to a better world! A world without spam!

Please enjoy and share the following email addresses:

Old “friends” are coming back!

It seems that all “friends” are coming back for more.

Let’s to them the same favour and spread their email all over: